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Secondary Emissions from Luxeon Z-UV LEDs

MIKE ORTIZ Jan 19, 2017 11:03AM MST

For p/n LHUV-0385-0200 and LHUV-0405-0600 I am seeing a secondary emission centered at approx. 560nm. Anyone else seeing this?

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Bill Christens-Barry Mar 31, 2017 09:06AM MDT


I have no answer but do have a question: have you been able to tell whether this is an actual LED die emission or whether it might be due to some luminescent material that is being excited by the principal emission? How have you gone about assessing the 560 nm emission you've observed? If it is sourced by the die, the spatial distribution of the 560 nm emission would be more similar to that of the principal emission, while if it arose elsewhere it would likely have a different distribution.

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