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I purchased some (cyan, green, red, etc) LEDs, but the color output is not what I expected. What is going on?

Last Updated: May 21, 2014 10:49PM MDT

When LEDs are manufactured they are broadly grouped into color categories such as red, red-orange, green, cyan etc. These groupings can actually encompass quite a wide color range.

For example, cyan LEDs can range from 490nm to 520nm making the light output from cyan LEDs with a 520nm rating very 'greenish'. Similarly, red LEDs can range from 645nm to 620nm, making some red LEDs appear very 'orangey'.

So when you order cyan or red or some other color LEDs, the actual color output of the LED may not be exactly what you would expect. This is the price one pays for the ability to purchase high power LEDs in small quantities.

The only way that you can ensure that you get an LED that is close to the color that you need is to purchase 'binned' LEDs. Binned LEDs are LEDs that have been tested and sorted into color (and other) ranges that have a much tighter tolerance.

Specifying an LED bin number requires that LEDs (or premounted LEDs) be purchased in 1,000 piece increments (A full reel). If you order less than 1,000 LEDs, we will only supply un-binned LEDs selected from general inventory. If you order LEDs in 1,000 piece increments, we will ship full reels of LEDs or produce LED assemblies from the same bin.

If you need a specific bin number, you must contact us before you order for availability.

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